Tank Top Transformed

I really like the idea about ” Charity Shopping and Refashion”. People always buy a lot of new cloths before they think thoroughly whether they need them. Therefore, most of them are cast off. We are fighting for a sustainable fashion future, we should appeal people do some refashion work! It`s not only about how to “up cycling, it`s about “How do you design your life”!

Charity Shop Chic


Just a quick one today folks. I’d like to tell you about this rather ugly jumper that I bought from the YMCA shop in Middlesbrough for £2.99.


The overall shape is very ‘old lady’, and there isn’t a natural fibre in sight, but it has a pretty embroidered section around the neck in shades of blue and green.


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Alteration: My new favorite way to keep original hem on jeans

Genius! I really love this. It`s quite helpful. A little alteration can upgrade an item’s fashion rating no end. I do know there are a lot of people will throw away their pants because of the length. I think all of us should pick up the lost art of sewing. Creating can alter our mood, Let`s refashion!

Refashion, Repurpose, Redo...

I am short. There is no other way to put it. I’m barely 5′ tall. I think I’ve only bought two pairs of used jeans in my life that were already hemmed to my length…ever…in my life!

My mom always hemmed my pants, even as I got older. Then, I started taking them in to a shop for alterations to keep the original hem which cost me $20/pair. I love how the original hem looks so I paid it. Well, recently I’ve tried a few different techniques and I’ve found one I really like. This is the tutorial I followed How to hem jeans

I started with a pair of new (used) jeans that fit great everywhere but in length.


I measured and pinned the jeans to the length I wanted them.

I needed to take off 4″ from the hem so I measured just over 2″ and pinned, measuring…

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Flea Market_ Find a new owner for your discarded clothes

You may have the goods are all useful, but not-so-old objects. Today, I am going to introduce the Arc flea Market –>  make use of secondhand existing clothes by giving them a second, third or fourth life!

Here is the Website: http://ow.ly/Dlcea, You can fill out the form to apply a table to find a new owner for your discarded clothes.

Here is one of the  second hand clothes booth in flea market 😉

559550_855426201168587_615182178883643314_n 1907901_855426064501934_17451022707557192_n

10402921_855426111168596_196553846285852383_n 10339645_855426087835265_3485111951253868957_n 154511_855426011168606_747826004367715757_n

Do you interested in flea market?? Find a new owner for your clothes 😉


At first, let`s watch the journey of Jeans 

Have you think about the Link Between Denim and Death?


  When admiring a newly bought pair of jeans with sandblasted patches on them, the average consumer won’t be aware that their purchase has just funded the increase of a fatal lung disease called Silicosis.

Jeans with sandblast treatment have their prices inflated up to 180% more than ordinary denim. But the real cost is not coming from the fashion lover’s pocket. It’s being paid for by workers using sandblasting equipment with no idea of its danger to their health. They often use the technique in small workshops with no breathing apparatus. The ultra fine silica dust permeates the lungs and causes inflammation and scarring to the lung tissue, as well as severe shortness of breath, chest pain and fevers. Physical exertion becomes increasingly difficult, trips to hospital for oxygen can become necessary and severe cases result in death.


Levi-Strauss and H&M are among the big names to have publicly announced a ban on their sale but, unsurprisingly, other big brands are dragging their heels.

What you could do is just SAVE YOUR JEANS OR  Refashion your Jeans (CLICK) 😉






Images courtesy of & copyright by Allison Joyce.

Fashion Fairy Wang Shou Ying _ Chinese Lady GAGA ?


Many millions of people write online weblogs. If the author has  a distinctive personality , their fame will derive from this as much as from the content of their blog. Internet celebrity has also become a popular phenomenon in the China  with the likes of Sister Hibiscus (Fu Rong Jiejie), who received worldwide notoriety and fame for her unashamed efforts at self-promotion via internet postings.

This Year, In the list of Chinese Internet Celebrity,  there is a Fashion designer must be mentioned: @王守英是仙女 (Shou Ying Wang is Fairy) .  You can find her in  in Sina Weibo (http://www.weibo.com/u/3211503860 )

She introduces herself = a farmer who likes Design. She said she wanna be the next COCO Chanel. She uses fabric, leaves, onions and all the unexpected materials to make her Fashion.

Let`s have a look at her sustainable Design: 1398324392325



When all the chinese Fashion Filed  treated her as a joke, she still go on with her work.

Someone said Shou Ying are controlled by someone behind the scenes. Someone said her work is a taunt to the materialism.

To me, whatever it is, her work have gained attention on the relationship between “Fashion” and “Environment”. Hope all the people will realise the issue of Fast Fashion.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Let`s Refashion!!!

WorkShop: Add some sweet to your dull sweater

Let`s redesign your dull sweater, Add some sweet lace to it 😉  p8926904

Let`s Prepare these materials first

(you can choose any colour or any style of lace ( crochet doilies)  and sweat

p8926905 Step1: cut the collar off, then put crochet doilies (or lace with any colour or any style ) on the collar. p8926906 Step 2: use pins to fix it p8926907Step 3: use thread ( same colour as the lace)  to fix it on the collar. p8926908   Step 4:  Cut off the redundant lace. Don’t worry about the rough selvedge, we have a great idea 😉 p8926909 Step 5: add a thin strip to the other side (inside) of the collar p8926910   Finish! YES! Isn’t` it very simple and interesting?  Why not try make one by yourself? And post it on our Facebook Page 😉  https://www.facebook.com/refashionunique p8926911

5 ways to Refashion your Mind & Jeans

 The most expensive part of the denim Jean garment is the fabric, on average it takes about 1 1/2 yards of 60″ wide fabric to construct 1 average sized pair of adult jeans.     Constructing a pair of denim jeans in the sewing process takes between 12 and 15 different types of machines.  

Today, I am going to introduce 5 simply and creative ways to redesign your JEANS

No.1 – Distressed Jeans


No.2 – Rivet Jeans

image-188606-1No.3- Gold Painted Jeans




 No.4- (FOR MEN 😉

No.5- Lace Printed Jeans

jeans2 jeans3 jeans4 jeans6




Very simple , Right??

Try to make one by yourself 😀